Owning a pet is a privilege that brings us great rewards. They have an endless and steadfast love to give us while asking for little in return. The claim that cats or dogs are "just" animals couldn’t be further from the truth, and the natural progression of roles of pets from good companionships to family members or even children has revolutionized the way we feed them. As the furry babies can't speak for themselves, we each take on a responsibility as pet parents to be prospective and provide the support and resources they need to have healthy, happy lives.


Pet parents today have gravitated toward pet foods that they themselves find ingredient-limited and nutrition-comprehensive. Echoing prey in the wild, Furry Wonder recipes are rich in selected proteins, added with nutrients that our furry babies need to grow and thrive from. As we are aware, both cats and dogs have certain metabolic adaptations that result in macro- and micro-nutritional requirements being met adequately only through a balanced and targeted diet.

It is our lifelong pursuit to deliver happiness to not only cats and dogs, but also pet parents and lovers around the globe, and this no doubt comes straight from a nutritious, comprehensive diet. It is of vital significance that we honor and match their love every day by caring for them, playing with them, and most importantly, providing complete and balanced diets for them to support their proper and sustainable growth.