Furry Wonder cares for pets’ health and happiness and strive for making a difference in their lives. We appreciate your trust and support and aim to be as transparent as we can. Find out more about some of the most frequently asked questions below from our passionate pet parents.

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arrow If I ordered today. When will I receive the product?

arrow Which countries are included in the delivery area?


arrow How do I track my order?


arrow How much sodium and carbohydrate is in your freeze-dried food for cats?

arrow Hello! Is your cat food suitable for kittens?

arrow What flavors do you have for picky kitties?


arrow Do I need to rehydrate the freeze-dried raw mighty nuggets, or do I feed them dry?

arrow Do you have to rehydrate freeze-dry dog food?

arrow What should I use to rehydrate the freeze-dried raw dog food?

arrow How long is freeze-dried raw pet food good for?


arrow Where is Furry's headquarters located?

Social & Media

arrow May I ask who I can contact with your team regarding social media collaboration?


arrow Do you have sampler packs available?