In freeze-drying (-35℃ to -40℃, -31°F to -40°F), raw ingredients are initially frozen and then placed in a strong vacuum that transitions the water in the food from ice directly to vapor. Freeze-drying technology removes the intrinsic moisture through condensation, but does not overcook the food as no heat is applied.

Only the latest technology enables us to meet current and future productivity requirements and benefit our four-legged babies. The comprehensive range of pioneering technologies, reliable equipment, and refined efficiency come together to configure and install solutions for the contemporary pet food industry, from pre-crushing & grinding, mixing, emulsifying, forming to final freezing. It is a proven process to preserve the food's nutritional status, lock the nutrients, and offer a different presentation of raw food.


As freeze-drying is a form of dehydration performed at appropriate temperature, the meat products can maintain their original uncooked appearance and key nutritional properties, offering a tasty and nutritious quality cuisine allowing your pets to enjoy.

Without spoiling, the freeze-dried food with a very low level of moisture can be stored, unopened, at room temperature, much longer than traditional pet food. Aside from the stable shelf life, the products are also light in weight, easy to carry and entertain your pets in travel trips.


Reliable manufacturing is essential for us to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive pet food industry. Furry Wonder's partner has provided freeze-drying products for years and now has products worldwide. This global experience means we have extensive application know-how which, combined with innovative equipment and process optimization expertise, produces petfood and freeze drying lines that are tailored to accommodate various specifications in the sophisticated pet industry.